Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a very special event in Rise of Kingdoms where you spend your gems to spin the wheel. It gives you lots of valuable rewards such as resources, speedup, Legendary Starlight, and Commander Sculpture, but most importantly, you will have a chance to pull some limited Commanders that only available in this event.

Wheel of Fortune Rise of Kingdoms

In this following guide, we will explain how this event works included rules, gameplay, and some extra tips for you to get the most profit from this event.

Wheel of Fortune Overview:

  • This event is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is to tap on the spin button to activate the spin, and then pray for the good rewards ?. There is always an arrow that points directly to the north, you will receive the prize which hits the arrow.
  • The event normally lasts 3 days and occurs once every 2 weeks.

Wheel of Fortune Rules:

  • Every player will receive a free spin at the start of the event.
  • There will be a special bonus reward that corresponds with the number of times you spin. You can tap on the wooden chest icon on the top left to receive it.
  • The extra rewards will reset every day.
  • Today’s Chances is the amount of spin that you can get which is 60. It normally resets at 00:00 UTC.
  • For the new Kingdom, the first Wheel of Fortune will always appear on the 24th
  • The first event normally gives Legendary Sculptures as a reward, and the next one is a limited-Commander wheel.
  • There will be 3 consecutive wheels of limited-Commander before changing back to Legendary Sculptures and so on.
  • Every 56 days, the Wheel will feature a new limited-Commander.

Wheel of Fortune Rise of Kingdoms

Wheel of Fortune Schedules



RewardsLegendary SculptureGuan YuLegendary SculptureRamesses IILegendary SculptureWilliam I
  X3 X3 X3

From this schedule, you will know what Commander will be featured in the Wheel and save up your gems for them.

Rewards and the Extra Rewards:

4x 200k Gold4x 500k Wood
3x 15-Hour Universal of Speedup4x 8-Hour of Training Speedup
8x Legendary Commander Sculpture *1x Legendary Commander Sculpture *
4x 8-Hour Universal of Speedup4x 8-Hour of Research Speedup
4x 500k Food4x 375k Stone
1x Legendary Sculptures2x Legendary Starlight Sculpture
10 Spins25 Spins45 Spins70 Spins100 Spins
5x Legendary Commander Sculpture *5x Legendary Commander Sculpture10x Legendary Commander Sculpture *10x Legendary Commander Sculpture15x Legendary Commander Sculpture *
5x 500k Food1x 24-Hour of Universal Speedup
5x 500k Wood3x 8-Hour of Building Speedup
5x 375k Stone3x 8-Hour of Training Speedup
5x 200k Gold3x 8-Hour of Research Speedup

*Note: The Limited-Commander Sculpture is based on the Kingdom’s time. So, there will be differences in Sculpture between Kingdoms.

Tips for Wheel of Fortune

  • There is a tip for F2P players to get 5-10 wanted Legendary Commander Sculptures for a total of 4,800 gems.
    • Day 1: On the first day of the event, you should use the free spin and then spend 400 Gems on buying the paid spin.
    • Day 2: You will use the paid spin with 400 Gems again.
    • Day 3: Again, with the 400 Gems spin, but this time you will use the 5 times spin which costs 3,600 gems.
    • You are currently having 9 spins now; all you have to do left is to buy one regular spin to reach the extra reward for 10 spins.
  • This method will guarantee to give you 5 Sculptures of your desired Legendary Commander. You may get 2-5 more but it depends on your luck on spinning the Wheel.