The Karuak Ceremony

Karuak Ceremony is an event that usually happens once every month. It offers lots of precious rewards including Universal Legendary Commander, which makes it an awesome event to participate in, especially the F2P players.

The Karuak Ceremony Event Rise of Kingdoms

The Karuak Ceremony normally lasts 4 days. During the event, players will have to summon and defeat a Karuak Barbarian to earn rewards. The higher the Barbarian level, the better the rewards they give, up to level 50.

The Karuak Ceremony Difficulty Levels

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There are 5 difficulty levels in this event which are Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare, and Hell.

The reward quality increases as the difficulty go up.

To unlock a difficulty, you will have to beat all of the 50 levels of the previous difficulty.

The two first Easy and Normal have already been unlocked for you to participate. Here are the individual rewards on every difficulty:

The Karuak Ceremony Rules:

  1. Before starting the event, players are required to pick a difficulty. Once you chose, you can’t change it for the rest of the ceremony.
  2. Players normally take part in the ceremony by launching a normal attack or a rally attack toward the Karuak Barbarian. Other allies can’t give any assistance unless you call for help by using the Mark of the Karuak. This item is quite rare and the only way to obtain it is to help your ally members defeat the Karuak Barbarian.
  3. All allies who join your rally will receive an additional reward.
  4. At the beginning of the event, players will be given five Marks of the Karuak. Unused marks will disappear when the event ends.

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At the end of the ceremony, all players will get a reward corresponding to the best level that you achieved during the event.

Tips for The Karuak Ceremony

  • As mentioned above, each difficulty will have 50 levels of Karuak Barbarian and you will have to defeat them one by one. They will get stronger when reaching a higher level.
  • The Karuak Barbarian gives lots more experience than the normal one. Therefore, it is best to use the Commanders that you want to level up for the first few levels.
  • You can send as many dispatches as possible to attack the Karuak Barbarian.
  • The 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 level of Karuak Barbarian is an Elite one. It gives your Commander lots of experience and good rewards.
  • It will take you 100 Action Points to summon a Karuak Barbarian and an extra 50 Action Points to attack them. In total, to complete the event, you will need at least 7,500 Action Points so be sure to save some Action Points to compete in the Karuak Ceremony.

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  • It is best that you should use the following Commanders to compete in the event:
  • You should take a defense, attack, or health rune before attacking.
  • Use Enhanced Attack/Defense.
  • You should deploy additional dispatch when fighting a high level of Karuak Barbarian. You should only ask your ally members for help when you can’t make any further progress or hold a rally attack.
  • You can do this event by yourself by sending the dispatches over and over again, just make sure that Karuak Barbarian doesn’t wipe out all of your dispatches or you will have to restart the hold process again.


The Chieftains are the big bosses in Karuak Ceremony. However, in order to unlock them, a certain amount of Alliance members must beat a particular difficulty. They normally give random rewards to members who join the fight.

Only Alliance Leader and officers can summon them. Each of the alliance members can send an army to fight against the boss.

BossesUnlocked AtReward
 The Karuak Ceremony Demolisher First of Blades Andaal

“First of Blades” Andaal

To fight this boss, at least 15 Alliance members must reach Challenge 15 on Normal difficulty or higher.
The Karuak Ceremony Demolisher Bearkeeper Lukor

Bearkeeper Lukor

To fight this boss, at least 20 Alliance members must reach Challenge 20 on Hard difficulty or higher.
  •  8-Hour Universal Speedup x 1
  •  500,000 Food x 1
  • Golden Key x 1
  •  Epic Sculptures x 3
  •  Golden Sculpture x 1
The Karuak Ceremony Demolisher Shield Chieftain Murdos

Shield Chieftain Murdos

To fight this boss, at least 25 Alliance members must reach Challenge 40 on Hard difficulty or higher.
The Karuak Ceremony Demolisher Solor Por

Vodoo Priest Pache

To fight this boss, at least 30 Alliance members must reach Challenge 30 on Nightmare difficulty or higher.
The Karuak Ceremony Demolisher Vodoo Priest Pache

Solor Por

To fight this boss, at least 35 Alliance members must reach Challenge 35 on Hell difficulty.